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Supersymmetry (Superposition, #2) Supersymmetry by David Walton
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“I guess if you’re smart enough, you can do and say what you like and people just call you eccentric. It’s like being old.”
“Or rich,” Alex said.”
David Walton, Supersymmetry
“He should call it Oronzi’s Law: Any sufficiently-advanced intelligence will be indistinguishable from insanity.”
David Walton, Supersymmetry
“You’re here. You’re real. Embrace that person you were, and make sure you have reason to like the person you’re becoming. The past you can’t change. The future is what matters.”
David Walton, Supersymmetry
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“The universe is a quantum computer. Since you can simulate any set of particle interactions with a quantum computer made of the same number of particles, then there’s no practical difference between the universe and a quantum computer simulating the universe.”
David Walton, Supersymmetry