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Map to the Stars Map to the Stars by Jen Malone
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“The second hardest part about growing up is trying to figure out who you are. The hardest part comes after you've figured it out and the rest of the world wants to pull you in a different direction.”
Jen Malone, Map to the Stars
“I probably should have restrained myself. Graham had been perfectly normal all morning, but after an evening of dreaming up revenge scenarios, I couldn’t help myself when presented with such an easy opportunity. Besides, he had told me to get inventive. The “sandwich” I made Graham had six different types of meat including one mystery one, plus peanut butter, plus marshmallow spread, plus mayonnaise, hot sauce, and raisins. Graham”
Jen Malone, Map to the Stars
“sometimes when you love someone, you find ways to forgive the unforgivable.”
Jen Malone, Map to the Stars
“You know how it’s crazy embarrassing to watch a movie with your parents when a steamy love scene comes on? You basically wish the couch cushions would swallow you and suddenly the condition of your nail beds is far more interesting than what’s on the screen?”
Jen Malone, Map to the Stars