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Lord Shiv & Family: In English Rhyme Lord Shiv & Family: In English Rhyme by Munindra Misra
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“Parvati has wrathful incarnations surely,
As Durga, Kali, Shitala Devi, Tara, Chandi,
She has benevolent forms like Katyayani,
Kamalatmika, Bhuvaneshwari, Lalita, Gauri.

Parvati as the Goddess of Power does be,
Who source of all forms and of all beings be,
In Her all the power but exists undoubtedly,
And She who the destroys all fear clearly be.

The apparent contradiction that Parvati be,
The fair one, Gauri, and the dark one, Kali,
Suggests the placid wife, can change fully,
To her primal chaotic nature as powerful Kali.”
Munindra Misra, Lord Shiv & Family: In English Rhyme
गलेऽवलम्ब्य लम्बितां भुजङ्गतुङ्गमालिकाम्।
डमड्डमड्डमड्डमन्निनादवड्डमर्वयं चकार
चण्ड्ताण्डवं तनोतु नः शिवः शिवम्॥ १॥

His neck, with thick forest-like locks of hair, holy by water flowing,
On his neck, as garland whom none pair, lofty snake is hanging,
His `Damaru’ drum with its Damat Damat Damat in air echoing,
Shiv - auspicious Tandava dances - may He prosperity be giving. ”
Munindra Misra, Lord Shiv & Family: In English Rhyme
“वक्रतुंड महाकाय कोटिसूर्यसमप्रभ।
निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा॥

“Lord Ganesh of curved elephant trunk and huge body,
Whose brilliance is equal to billions of suns in intensity,
Always removes all obstacles from my endeavours truly,
I respectfully pray to him with all my revered sincerity.”
Munindra Misra, Lord Shiv & Family: In English Rhyme
“नील कण्ठ वाहनम् द्विषद् भुजम् किरीटिनं
लोल रत्न कुण्डल प्रभा अभिराम षण्मुखम् ।
शूल शक्ति दण्ड कुक्कुट अक्ष मालिका धरं
बालम् ईश्वरम् कुमारशैल वासिनम् भजे ॥१

I worship the young god who dwells on Kumarasaila surely,
Whose vehicle is the peacock, has twice six arms to see,
Wears a crown, whose six faces glow by gem ear pieces clearly,
Who holds a trident, a missile, a staff, a cock and a rosary.
Munindra Misra, Lord Shiv & Family: In English Rhyme