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Courage My Love Courage My Love by Merle Shain
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“Intimacy requires accommodation and gentleness at it's core, and does with phrases like "If it bothers you I won't do it," and "Now I understand." And "Thank you for telling me that. I hadn't seen it in that light." And "I appreciate you taking the time to get through my defences. I am sorry I put up such a fight."
You'd be surprised how much power there is in respect, and how much respect comes back, and how much intimacy there is when you empower someone instead of overpower them, and how much more love.”
Merle Shain, Courage My Love
“There isn't a more perfect person somewhere, only a more perfect person we might become, and there isn't a paradise someone can lead us to unless it's the world we make for ourselves when we stop expecting it to be delivered by someone else.”
Merle Shain, Courage My Love
“Romantic love has highs and lows and lots of rare emotions and dangerous sensations but it bores easily and has no friendship in it, and often when it's over, it is as if a tornado passed. It's a very expensive form of recreation, a theatre play with daydreams, a frolic of your own in which you are the main event.

Human love is based in every day, not fantasies or illusions. It acknowledges the other person as a separate person and even loves them for their imperfections, for their vulnerabilities and their incompleteness, and allows them to change and to grow. It seeks to honour, not to use, to empower, not to overpower, and when it fails, it just gets cranky, it does not blow a fuse.”
Merle Shain, Courage My Love
“Power is anathema to intimacy, as it is to love, because when you have power, you have fear. So if you are trying to get closer to someone than you are right now, try recognizing their power rather than showing them yours.”
Merle Shain, Courage My Love
“And they say that there is no intimacy unless there is mutual acceptance and mutual trust, no matter whatever else there is, and I would side with them.”
Merle Shain, Courage My Love
“But what is this psychic space, this common ground we seek to share, called intimacy - this place where you can exist in your own inner light and not be judged, this haven where your vulnerabilities don't humiliate you, where sex is always warm and close and all your funny lines are understood, and there is always someone back to back with you when you take on the world?

It's a place where not only joy can be shared but hardship too, it's an eye that catches yours across a room, it's not having to look your best, it's knowing someone else so well you can no longer tell where they begin and you leave off.”
Merle Shain, Courage My Love