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Once a Princess (Cardinia's Royal Family, #1) Once a Princess by Johanna Lindsey
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“You aren't even angry with me anymore, Stefan, so let me up."
He didn't budge. "It would be a misconception on your part, little Tanya, if you are thinking I have to be angry to make love to you." His head bent, his lips grazing her cheek all the way to her ear. With his warm breath sending tingles all over her, he continued in a whisper, "I wanted you last night, today a dozen times, right now more than ever. Tell me to love you, Tanya. Demand it of me!”
Johanna Lindsey, Once a Princess
“Id you're finished picking out my flaws,maybe you'd like to tell me what you want now.I have other customers--"
"What was that?"
"I Want You.”
Johanna Lindsey, Once a Princess

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