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The Sweetest Dream The Sweetest Dream by Doris Lessing
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“بعض الناس يميل إلى التفكير أن أعظم حاجاتنا، نحن الجنس البشري، تتمثل في العثور على وجود شيء ما، أو شيء ما نكرهه.”
دوريس ليسينج, الحلم الجميل
“The waves of refugees who washed into London, escaping from Hitler, and then from Stalin, were bone-poor, often threadbare, and lived as they could on a translation here, a book review, language lessons. They worked as hospital porters, on building sites, did housework. There were a few cafés and restaurants as poor as they were, catering for their nostalgic need to sit and drink coffee and talk politics and literature. They were from universities all over Europe, and were intellectuals, a word guaranteed to incite waves of suspicion in the breasts of the xenophobic philistine British, who did not necessarily think it a commendation when they admitted that these newcomers were so much better educated than they were.”
Doris Lessing, The Sweetest Dream