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Angels Fall Angels Fall by Nora Roberts
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“Half full, half empty, what the hell difference does it make? If there's something in the damn glass, drink it.”
Nora Roberts, Angels Fall
“I didn't get fired."
"You didn't punch your boss and get fired from the Tribune? That's what I heard."
"I punched what could loosely be called a colleague for cribbing my notes on a story and since the editor–who happened to be the asshole's uncle–took his word over mine, I quit."
"To write books. Is it fun?"
"I guess it is."
"I bet you killed the asshole in the first one you wrote."
"You'd be right. Beat him to death with a shovel. Very satisfying.”
Nora Roberts, Angels Fall
“Happily ever after?"
"If justice doesn't triumph and love doesn't make the circle in entertainment fiction, what's the point? Real life sucks too often.”
Nora Roberts, Angels Fall
“((Doc is getting ready to do a Pap-smear on Reece))

"Looks healthy," Doc commented.

"Good, because it hasn't been getting any exercise in quite a while." When she heard Willow smother a laugh, Reece just closed her eyes. She had to remember some old saying about being careful of thoughts. They become words.”
Nora Roberts, Angels Fall
tags: humor
“Pain has an element of blank; It cannot recollect When it begun, or if there were A day when it was not— —EMILY DICKINSON”
Nora Roberts, Angels Fall
“Hard isn’t hard if you’ve got a strong back and a purpose.”
Nora Roberts, Angels Fall
“She’d learned not to hurry—had taught herself not to push, not to rush, but to take things as they came. And in a very real way to embrace every single moment.”
Nora Roberts, Angels Fall
“Fine, a Lithuanian couple gets lost because, like men across the globe, he values his penis—among other things—as a compass. So he’s incapable of asking for directions and thereby disparaging the power of his penis.”
Nora Roberts, Angels Fall
“I love you. I'm in love with you.
She heard absolutely nothing for ten full seconds. And when he did speak, she caught the faintest trace of fear mixed in with the annoyance.
Hell. No good deed goes unpunished.”
Nora Roberts, Angels Fall
tags: humor, love
“Well, I'd have more zing with George Clooney and Harrison Ford in a threesome, but neither of us are going to get that wish.”
Nora Roberts, Angels Fall
“Need a gallon of milk and a box of bullets? This was the spot.”
Nora Roberts, Angels Fall

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