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Skin Deep Skin Deep by E.M. Crane
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“I was here but now I'm gone
I left my name to carry on
Those who liked me
Liked me well
Those who didn't can go to hell'"
-The bathroom wall”
E.M. Crane, Skin Deep
“ One of the most extraordinary things about about dogs is their total lack of self-consciousness.
A dog never questions its own beauty, its own worth. A dog just accepts itself and lives for the moment.”
E.M. Crane, Skin Deep
“Live like you are extraordinary.
Love like you admire someone’s most painful burden.
Breathe like the air is scented with lavender and fire.
See like the droplets of rain are each exquisite.
Laugh like the events of existence are to be cherished.
Imagine like there is magic in you fingertips.
Give freedom to your instincts, to your spirit, to your longing.”
E.M. Crane, Skin Deep
“If you close your emotions off so the bad stuff can't get in. You make it so the good stuff can't get in either.”
E.M. Crane, Skin Deep
“The word Cancer alone makes me shiver. How harsh and unforgiving it sounds.”
E.M. Crane, Skin Deep
“Dead is nothing more than the price we pay for this privilege of having lived at all.”
E.M. Crane, Skin Deep
“It's hard to know another person. It's like everyone fades and glows in ever - changing light. Like we're each a playing card in a deck, random only to a certain point. Yet still random enough to keep us guessing which card will be played next.”
E.M. Crane, Skin Deep
“It's what you take away from high school years that will help you become the person you are meant to be.”
E.M. Crane, Skin Deep
“That's it! That's it! That's it!”
E.M. Crane, Skin Deep
“It's time to accept the outside world for what it is and time to explore the inside or your own head for what is there.”
E.M. Crane, Skin Deep
“For a moment I relish that feeling of being someone other then myself. For one moment, someone outlandish and accepted.”
E.M. Crane, Skin Deep
“Because the reality is, there is no black and white. Right and wrong, that’s really just one person’s perception of how things should be. Not how they really are.”
E.M. Crane, Skin Deep