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Nefertiti Nefertiti by Michelle Moran
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“I wonder if our names determine our destiny, or if destiny leads us to choose certain names.”
Michelle Moran, Nefertiti
“You can't change the desert. You can only take the fastest course through it. Wishing it's an oasis won't make it so...”
Michelle Moran, Nefertiti
“Nothing is forever...nothing lasts.”
Michelle Moran, Nefertiti
“My love is unique an none can rival her. Just by passing, she has already stolen away my heart.”
Michelle Moran, Nefertiti
“In Egypt, there is a saying: When good fortune looks down upon us, it does so in threes, one for each part of the Eye of Horus. His upper lid, his lower lid and the eye itself.”
Michelle Moran, Nefertiti

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