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The Art of Listening The Art of Listening by Erich Fromm
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“شرط الوجود الاجتماعي هو الوجود في البيت ، وشرط الإصغاء إلى الآخر هو الإصغاء إلى الذات”
اريك فروم, فن الإصغاء: دراسة
“Freedom is not something we have, there is no such thing as freedom. Freedom is a quality of our personality: we are more or less free to resist pressure, more or less free to do what we want and to be ourselves. Freedom is always a question of increasing freedom one has, or decreasing it.”
Erich Fromm, The Art of Listening
“(...) El pensamiento crítico es la única arma y la única defensa que tiene el ser humano frente a los peligros de la vida. Porque si yo no pienso críticamente, estaré sujeto a todas las influencias, a todas las sugerencias, a todos los errores y a todas las mentiras que se difunden, y con lo que me han adoctrinado desde pequeño. (...)”
Erich Fromm, El arte de escuchar
“Finally, it is very important to see the patient as the hero of a drama and not to see him as a summation of complexes. And, actually, every human being is the hero of a drama. I don’t mean that in any sentimental fashion. Here is a person born with certain gifts, and usually he fails, and his life is a tremendous struggle to make something out of that which he is born with, fighting against tremendous handicaps. Even the most banal person in one sense, looking at it from the outside, is exceedingly interesting once you see him as that person, as that living substance which was thrown into the world at a place not desired by him nor known to him, and is fighting in some way his way through. Actually, the great writer is characterized precisely by the fact that he can show a person who is banal in one sense and yet who is a hero in the sense in which the artist sees him.”
Erich Fromm, The Art of Listening