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The Shadow Reigns (Witch-Hunter, #2) The Shadow Reigns by K.S. Marsden
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“I thought you guys could detect witches." Jonathan muttered as soon as he got over his shock at seeing two people materialise in front of him. The wiccan sat on the floor, his shoulder being strapped with a makeshift bandage, by the ever-practical Ian.

"We detect magic, not witches." Hunter clarified. "We can't feel anything out of the ordinary, unless they start casting."

"Oh fantastic!" Jonathan groaned. "I'll remember that excuse later.”
K.S. Marsden, The Shadow Reigns
“A wiccan?" Ian's deep voice rang out. Hunter did not have to look to know that his friend was tense with the idea of the unknown.

"Relax." James answered. "It's like a witch without powers... or a human with magic. Something like that."

Jonathan looked as confused by James' description as the rest of those present.”
K.S. Marsden, The Shadow Reigns