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Showdown (Paradise, #1) Showdown by Ted Dekker
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“The four rules of writing... 1. Write to discover. 2. There is no greater discovery than love. 3. All love comes from the Creator. 4. Write what you will.”
Ted Dekker, Showdown
“ Born
of Black
and White, Eaten
with worms,
I'm a Saint, a Sinner,
a Siren of the
Word, The Circle
knows me, the rest
just wanna trip on
Grace Juice, Baby
at midnight”
Ted Dekker, Showdown
“Live to discover, as long as discovery leads to a love that comes from the Creator... writing was the mirror to life.”
Ted Dekker, Showdown
“I BELIEVE!!!!!!!"
- Johnny”
Ted Dekker, Showdown
“Love can only be found in freedom of choice. And for choice to exist, there must be an alternative to choose. Something as compelling as love.”
Ted Dekker, Showdown
“Everything was really a story, penned or thought or acted out at some time by someone.”
Ted Dekker, Showdown
“Love can only be found in freedom of choice.”
Ted Dekker, Showdown
“She hurried to the front door, opened it, and stepped onto the porch. Dark cumulus clouds hovered low over the town, and a warm wind whipped through the trees, carrying stray leaves and dust through the street.”
Ted Dekker, Showdown

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