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Seriously Wicked (Seriously Wicked, #1) Seriously Wicked by Tina Connolly
866 ratings, 3.49 average rating, 259 reviews
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“When you're enslaved to a wicked witch, you end up thinking fast to keep all the weird witchy things a secret. Not always good fast, but fast.”
Tina Connolly, Seriously Wicked
“Did you see Sarmine's trick with the pumpkin patch?" I said. "That's what real witches are like. Conceited paranoid monsters, who'd as soon punish you as look at you.”
Tina Connolly, Seriously Wicked
“For example, once I failed to find elf toenails for her. (I still haven't found anybody who supplies them, for that matter. The witch refuses to admit that certain ingredients might be mythical.) For punishment the witch turned me into a solar panel sales-man and made me go around to every house in a half-mile radius and lecture about alternative energy forms.”
Tina Connolly, Seriously Wicked