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Little Birds Little Birds by Anaïs Nin
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“We don't see people as they are. We see people as we are.”
Anaïs Nin, Little Birds
“With her eyes alone she could give this response, this absolutely erotic response, as if febrile waves were trembling there, pools of madness... something devouring that could lick a man all over like a flame, annihilate him, with a pleasure never known before.”
Anaïs Nin, Little Birds
“Every gesture was one of disorder and violence, as if a lioness had come into the room.”
Anaïs Nin, Little Birds
“He had never seen her body so abandoned, so unconscious of all but the desire to be taken and satisfied. She bloomed under his caresses, no longer the girl but the woman already being born.”
Anaïs Nin, Little Birds
tags: love, sex
“There are women’s voices that sound like poetic, unearthly echoes. Then they change. The eyes change. I believe that all these legends about people changing into animals at night – like the stories of the werewolf, for instance – were invented by men who saw women transformed at night – from idealized, worshipful creatures into animals and thought that they were possessed.”
Anaïs Nin, Little Birds
“No, this was a melting together, a vanishing together into a soft, dark womb of warmth.”
Anais Nin, Little Birds
“That night Fay became a woman, making a secret of her pain, intent on saving her happiness with Albert, on showing wisdom and subtlety.”
Anaïs Nin, Little Birds
“They smiled at each other. His smile, even at night was dazzling; hers, too. They could scarcely distinguish anything but the brilliant smiles and the outlines of their perfect bodies.”
Anaïs Nin, Little Birds
“He was whispering over and over again the same phrase, “You have the body of an angel. It is impossible that such a body should have a sex. You have the body of an angel.” The anger swept over Fay like a fever, an anger at his moving his penis away from her hand. She sat up, her hair wild about her shoulders, and said, “I am not an angel, Albert. I am a woman. I want you to love me as a woman.”
Anaïs Nin, Little Birds
“am discovering her pretenses. She is always smiling, gay, but underneath she feels unreal, remote, detached from experience. She acts as if she were asleep. She is trying to awaken by falling into bed with anyone who invites her.”
Anaïs Nin, Little Birds
“The more hunger, the greater the desires, like those of men in prison, wild and haunting. So we had here a perfect world in which to grow the flower of eroticism. Of course, if you get too hungry, too continuously, you become a bum, a tramp.”
Anaïs Nin, Little Birds
“what she hated above all was that most men in her presence wilted, grew small and feeble. only the timid ones approached her, as if to seek her strength.”
anaïs nin, Little Birds
“¡Los ángeles del sexo! Son maravillosos precisamente por lo mucho que sorprenden, por lo mucho que cambian. Tú por ejemplo, con tu aspecto de que nunca te han tocado, puedo imaginarte mordiendo y arañando. Estoy seguro que te cambiaría hasta la voz. He visto cambiar tanto... Hay voces de mujer que suenan como ecos poéticos y sobrenaturales. Luego, cambian. Los ojos cambian. Creo que todas esas leyendas sobre personas que por la noche se transforman en animales -como la historia del hombre lobo, por ejemplo- fueron inventadas por hombres que vieron transformarse por la noche a las mujeres, a las criaturas idealizadas y veneradas, en animales, y las creyeron endemoniadas.”
Anaïs Nin, Pájaros de fuego