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Finding Bliss Finding Bliss by Dina Silver
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“Your mom is like the Titanic: if you stay with the ship, you'll go down too. Those people who clung to the boat ultimately perished. You need to get yourself on a lifeboat and get as far away as you can.”
Dina Silver, Finding Bliss
“All that I know about happiness, you have taught me, and everything good in my life can be traced back to you.”
Dina Silver, Finding Bliss
“Just click your heels together three times and say, there's no one like Cam, and I'll appear.”
Dina Silver, Finding Bliss
“She's just a girl."
"What am I?"
He leaned to his side and ran a hand through my hair. "You're a woman," he said and then kissed me ear and left his mouth there. "A gorgeous, smart, fucking sexy-ass woman.”
Dina Silver, Finding Bliss
“Once Tyler did his job, a nurse would take Tyler's sperm, wash them in the spin cycle, give them each a spritz of cologne and a tequila shot, and then load them into a turkey baster that would eventually be inserted into my waiting vagina. So this was how babies were made.”
Dina Silver, Finding Bliss