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The Boss (The Boss, #1) The Boss by Abigail Barnette
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“Yes, one of the benefits of being embarrassingly rich is that you find out if you have syphilis much earlier than the average peasant would.”
Abigail Barnette, The Boss
tags: humor, sex
“It was like he'd sprung fully-formed from my eighteen-year-old fantasies, the hot History teacher who just couldn't help himself.”
Abigail Barnette, The Boss
“But the best part of catching Neil in the shower was, hands down, the loud, awful singing.”
Abigail Barnette, The Boss
“Call me old fashioned, but I kind of enjoy the so-called 'walk of shame.' It's really more a 'walk of pride because I got some.”
Abigail Barnette, The Boss
“Well, if this place is going down, I’ll just go home. I have hours of Real Housewives DVRed that I have to catch up on.” Holli sounded almost bored at the idea of the top fashion magazine in the country going into a tailspin. Probably because no matter what happened, she would be fine. Holli didn’t have an ego about her job, and would just as happily do cleaning product commercials as high-fashion shoots. I often used her somewhat lackadaisical approach to her career to get some perspective on my own.”
Abigail Barnette, The Boss