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Undone (Country Roads #1) Undone by Shannon Richard
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“You're the warm sheets next to me every morning, and the bright colors in the dryer when we do laundry. You're the toothbrush next to mine on the sink. You're the first sip of coffee in the morning, and the last sip of win at night.”
Shannon Richard, Undone
“You're the most incredible everything.”
Shannon Richard, Undone
“As she stared out at the water, he stared at her. The sun slowly lit up her face, making her cheeks glow. Her unruly curls framed her face and fell down past her shoulders. Her gray eyes went wide with wonder and an amazed look framed her mouth. He'd never seen anything more beautiful in his life.

Her palm was spread over his heart, the heat from her skin seeping into his and spreading throughout his body. He'd never forget that moment for as long as he lived, because it was when he realized he was in love with someone for the first time in his life. It was the moment he knew he'd fallen in love with Paige.”
Shannon Richard, Undone