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Curve Ball Curve Ball by Charlotte Stein
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“It’s just … You know. You drive me crazy. You’ve always driven me crazy."

I think my mind is now all over the floor.

"And you don’t think it might have been a good idea to maybe tell me this? I’ve spent the last ten years pining for you like an idiot, you idiot.”
Charlotte Stein, Curve Ball
“Not to mention the effect of Steven Stark, and his ability to be absolutely everywhere, all at once. I turn around and he’s right there, like the Incredible Hulk. Only bigger. Oh God, he’s so big that his presence everywhere is practically a law of physics. He has to be in ten places at once, just to cram in his massive pecs.”
Charlotte Stein, Curve Ball
“I mean, he did say vagina, didn’t he? And if he did, then how come it sounded so exciting? Vagina is pretty much the least exciting word in the world. It’s something your doctor says to you shortly before he invades it with what looks like a weapon from our robotic future.”
Charlotte Stein, Curveball