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Satyajit Ray on Cinema Satyajit Ray on Cinema by Satyajit Ray
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“If you take some words at random and put them together, it becomes gibberish, and everyone who knows the meaning of words knows it as such. But if you take unrelated moving images and string them together, there will always be some people who will hold that the resultant strip of celluloid aims at some profundity.”
Satyajit Ray, Satyajit Ray on Cinema
“[W]hile devices cannot replace imagination, they can certainly influence it and even mould it. Devices are there for the artists to use if they so wish. With them they can say new things in a new way, or even old things in a new way. Or, if they choose, they can ignore the devices and say new things in an old way, or old things in an old way.”
Satyajit Ray, Satyajit Ray on Cinema