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Split Second Split Second by Sophie McKenzie
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“This hole in the earth was no storage space. I was digging my own grave.”
Sophie McKenzie, Split Second
“It was funny how bomb and wars looked so thrilling in movies and computer games, when the reality was so heart-stoppingly terrifying.”
Sophie McKenzie, Split Second
“Take it easy, Charlie,” Taylor warned, a low murmur in my ear. “He’s a boy, not a bomb.”
I swore under my breath. “Well you get out here and do this, then.” I muttered.
Taylor chuckled in my ear. “I somehow don’t think I’d have the same effect that you’re having.”
Sophie McKenzie, Split Second
“Taylor looked for a second as if he were suppressing a smile. “Why aren’t you scared?” he said. I shrugged. Taylor tilted his head to one side. Then he took a gun from inside his coat and pointed it across at Nat. “I could kill him,” he said. “Would that scare you?”
“No,” I said, careful not to let my horror at his words show. “But it should scare you.”
Sophie McKenzie, Split Second