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The Unearthing The Unearthing by Steve Karmazenuk
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“The most important acts of a civilization, be they atrocities against life or acts of compassion beyond understanding, are always done in the name of the greater good. And no one who acts in the name of the greater good believes they are wrong. That is why right and wrong are so often indistinguishable.”
Steve Karmazenuk, The Unearthing
“It has always been the way of tales and dreams. Time forgets itself. That is also the way of remembering. But when remembering or retelling, it is best to start at the beginning. And for all memories,all tales, and all dreams, there is but one beginning…”
Steve Karmazenuk, The Unearthing
“Throughout time the corrupt have risen to power. Throughout time they have manipulated the Truth in order to stay in power, even when at the cost of Life. The greatest weapon of the corrupt has always been ignorance. But Truth yearns to be free and it always finds a champion…”
Steve Karmazenuk, The Unearthing