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Sweet Peril (Sweet, #2) Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins
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“I love you,” I whispered.

“I've loved you longer,” he said.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“Ready to s-snuggle?” he asked Kaidan, a slight clatter in his voice. Only Blake could joke on a night like this and get away with it.
Kaidan shook his head and undressed down to his boxers, too, the tension finally shedding away from his frame. “I swear, mate. If I feel something poke me in the back. . .”
Blake's laugh was dry. “I'm pretty sure my junk froze off, man, so don't worry.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“I was more myself with you during those three days than I’ve ever been with anyone in my life. It’d be easier if I could be fake with you, but you bring out everything in me, little Ann. All of it.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“Spend the night with me.” (...)
“I’m tired of living like I’m not alive.” He dropped his hands from my face to grip my shoulders. “I’m bloody sick to death of it. I want one night to be alive. With you.” He closed his eyes and leaned his forehead on mine.
“Please, Anna. One last night and we’ll go back to being safe again. I need this. I need you.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“I tried to warn you,

But girls never listen.

Got your innocence insured?

’Cause it’s ’bout to be stolen

Right out from under your nose.

Prepare to curl your toes.

I’ve got a one-track mind.

You’ve got a nice behind.


I had a good thing goin’

All numb in my shell,

Then you took me by surprise

And now I’m scared as hell.

I don’t wanna feel for you,

I don’t wanna feel.

If feeling means hurting,

Then I don’t wanna be real.

You crank up my lust, girl,

You tame down my rage.

You let your inner vixen

Roam out of her cage.

The moment our lips met

I saw it in your eyes,

But you were seeing me,

too, I now realize.


What do I want from you?

I want everything.

And I’m not gonna share—

This ain’t a casual fling.

You can be my bad girl,

I’ll even be your good boy.

How’d the tables get turned?

F*** it, I’ll be your love toy.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“My girlfriend is a party girl angel who can kick some arse and cook.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“Girl, all you have to do is say the word, and Mr. Lusty McLust a Lot here will be happy to whisper some dirty nothings in your ear.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“Anna... the night of the summit, when you were saved, it was the only time in my life I've thanked God for anything”
Those words. They would melt me over and over for a long time.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“He was my drummer. My guy. Mine. I bit my lip to hold back a grin.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“Supposedly Kaidan’s having a difficult time ’cause he can’t say swear words in every sentence,” Marna said with a smile. “He’s determined to find signs for cursing or make some up himself.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“He opened his eyes to reveal the storm within him.
“My every instinct is telling me to have my way with you.”
He was dead serious and my cheeks heated. Fire shone in his eyes and I broke eye contact, burying my face into his cotton-covered chest.
“But not nearly as difficult as going all this time without you,” he said.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“I stole glances at Kaidan's bare skin while the others were busy talking. That's my boyfriend right there, I silently announced.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“We had a secret knowledge that demons couldn't fathom. They saw love as a weakness, but they were wrong. Love would keep us going, love was our strength.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“God, you smell nice,” he whispered. “I've missed that smell. I've missed everything about you, little Ann.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“Well,” I said, needing to lighten the mood for him, “next time Kai tries to, um, bust your balls, you can give it right back to him, because he's got a girlfriend now, too.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“I think a third shower might be necessary.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“Human girls always take love for granted. They want things to be wild and carefree all the time. And when it gets too comfortable or requires a little work, they just toss it off. I’d give anything to be loved by a guy like Jay. But I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side, right?”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“Too much was between us, pulling us together at the same time as it pushed us apart. Our need for each other would always be in constant battle with our need to keep the other safe.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“I'll see you in hell.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
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“I'm not really heaven material anyway, chickie babe. Sign me up for your team.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“At nearly three in the morning sleepiness weighted my body as we lay there together so still. I heard his breathing even out as we both hovered in that place between wake and sleep. And then his hand wandered lazily down my back and over my hip until he was cupping the full curve of my behind, part of me that he’d actively avoided touching all night.
Scratch that sleepy thing.
His firm hands clutched me closer and I breathed a heady gust of air at his throat. I’d been careful all night not to be too vocal about how good his touches felt. I knew each noise would act as fuel, making it even harder for him. He rolled to his back, pulling me on top of him with both hands fully on my backside now.
“Kaidan,” I whispered.
Looking half-asleep, he shushed me with a hot kiss, pulling my hips to crush us together. I whimpered into his mouth.
“God, those little sounds,” he said against my lips. “I want to hear how you sound when I make you—”
“Kai!” I practically leaped off him, and he sat up, eyes blazing, licking his lips. I was breathing hard. He had to be as tired as me after our long day, and it was starting to weaken us big-time. Oh, how I’d love to indulge that weakness.
I scooted farther away.
“Maybe we should try to get some sleep,” I suggested, though I was feeling wide-awake now.
He stared at me with roaring passion. “I think a third shower might be necessary,” he said.
A silly laugh wanted to escape me, but there was no humor in his eyes. Only want.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“Blake got up after some time, claiming he was sweating because of Kaidan, the human furnace.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“I didn't know exactly what the future held, but I knew we were a team. Parting would not break us.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“So, what’s up with you two? You’re really flight attendants?”
Marna’s eyes danced. “I prefer sky muffins.” She giggled.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“We got hungry around three in the morning, and ordered a ton of pizza from an all-night pizza place. Afterward, Blake talked a guy into letting him borrow his skateboard, and he once again entertained all of us. If it had wheels, Blake could work it.
“Is he your boyfriend?” a girl behind me asked.
I turned to the group of girls watching Blake. They were all coifed and beautiful in their bikinis, not having gone in the water. My wet hair was pulled back in a ponytail by this point and I was wrapped in a towel. “No, he’s my boyfriend’s best friend. We’re watching his place while he’s . . . out of town.”
A pang of fear jabbed me when I thought about Kai.
“What’s your name?” asked a brunette with glossy lips.
“Anna.” I smiled.
“Hey. I’m Jenny,” she said. “This is Daniela and Tara.”
“Hey,” I said to them.
“So, your boyfriend lives here?” asked the blonde, Daniela. She had a cool accent—something European.
“Yes,” I answered, pointing up to his apartment.
The girls all shared looks, raising their sculpted eyebrows.
“Wait,” said Jenny. “Is he that guy in the band?”
The third girl, named Tara, gasped. “The drummer?” When I nodded, they shared awed looks.
“Oh my gawd, don’t get mad at me for saying this,” said Jenny, “but he’s a total piece of eye candy.” Her friends all laughed.
“Yum drum,” whispered Tara, and Daniela playfully shoved her.
Jenny got serious. “But don’t worry. He, like, never comes out or talks to anyone. Now we know why.” She winked at me. “You are so adorable. Where are you from?”
This was met with a round of awwws. “Hey, you’re a Southern girl,” said Tara. “You should like this.”
She held out a bottle of bourbon and I felt a tug toward it. My fingers reached out.
“Maybe just one drink,” I said.
Daniela grinned and turned up the music.
Fifteen minutes and three shots later I’d dropped my towel and was dancing with the girls and telling them how much I loved them, while they drunkenly swore to sabotage the efforts of any girl who tried to talk to my man.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“Hey, I have a weird question,” I said. “What does it mean if a guy calls you ‘bang tidy’?”
Marna snorted. “Sounds like something a dirty wanker would say. Or someone pissing about.”
Now it was my turn to snort, because she’d called Kai a wanker.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“And however it is that you think you still feel about me, I can assure you it's nothing more than a classic case of someone who wants the one thing she can't have. If you had me and got it out of your system, you'd realize the good boy's the one you really want.”
Wendy Higgins , Sweet Peril
“I wished I could get inside
his head and crawl through the passageways
to the secret rooms until I found the one
labeled with my name. How could I shatter
that steel door and see what lay hidden
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“I saw now that love could not be stopped, forgotten, or transferred, no matter what schemes the mind and body devised.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril
“Life would be so much different now that we'd opened up, giving and receiving each other's love. Nobody and nothing could take that away — not the Dukes or any distance that separated us. We had a secret knowledge that demons couldn't fathom. They saw love as a weakness, but they were wrong. Love would keep us going. Love was our strength.”
Wendy Higgins, Sweet Peril

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