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Deprogrammed (The Emile Reed Chronicles, #2) Deprogrammed by Nicole Sobon
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“People screw up. People screw up a lot. We allow our own selfishness to overpower us at times. It happens. But you can’t allow that to tear you down. You can’t keep dwelling on your past choices, and your past actions, or else you’ll never learn from them.”
Nicole Sobon, Deprogrammed
“I went from having everything to losing it all almost instantly. Something that traumatic changes a person. The anger, the depression – it shapes you until you become unrecognizable. Until the person you were has been erased.”
Nicole Sobon, Deprogrammed
“Hope could be a devastating emotion if you allowed it to control you.
But it was a risk that I was willing to take.”
Nicole Sobon, Deprogrammed
“Hope could be a devastating emotion if you allowed it to control you.”
Nicole Sobon, Deprogrammed
“But do you think our futures are already determined for us?”
“Why are you asking all of this? What’s going on?”
I let out a small laugh. “Remember when we were in the hallway?” He nodded. “Well, Thirteen tried telling me that I couldn’t escape my fate and that there was no point in fighting the inevitable.”
“Do you think it is inevitable?” he asked.
“Me?” I scoffed. “No. Nothing is ever guaranteed. One minor adjustment can alter everything. Nothing is ever set in stone. As of right now, we’re all on one path: we’re all stuck inside of this hell that we’re trying to escape, and it may seem like the outcome has already been determined for us, but it hasn’t. The smallest of things could change everything. A death. Deception. Anything could force us to follow another path, and you know what? We determine that path, not fate.”
“What path do you see yourself on?” Colton hopped up onto the computer desk, tucking his hands underneath his thighs.
“I see us starting new lives outside of this place, far from McVeigh and his men,” I answered honestly. “But I know not all of us will make it out of here. There is still more pain to come our way, but there is also happiness if we allow for it.”
Nicole Sobon, Deprogrammed
“She had been reprogrammed. She knew how to protect herself from intruders – from me.
That was the worst part of it all.
I was an outsider inside of my own body.”
Nicole Sobon, Deprogrammed
“Haven’t you ever heard the saying that our pasts do not define us?” I countered, growing frustrated. “I screwed up, Hayden. I admitted that. Why can’t you let it go?”
“Let it go?” He sneered. “You are the reason my sister is a Program. Please, tell me how I’m supposed to let something like that go? Because I’d love to know.”
Footsteps sounded from outside of the holding cell, essentially ending our conversation. I still had much to say to him, but for now, I welcomed the silence.
The silence was much more comforting than the truth.”
Nicole Sobon, Deprogrammed
“You’re going to turn me into one of them, aren’t you?”
“That is what my uncle expects from me, but I can’t do that to you.”
“Except you will,” he said, dropping his arm to his side. “Humans are weak individuals. We will do anything and everything in order to protect ourselves – any morals we have instinctively go out the door when it comes down to life or death. And as you’ve already shown, you’re no different from the rest of us.”
Nicole Sobon, Deprogrammed
“This cell was a form of hell. I was trapped in my past, unable to escape my mistakes, forced to relive them each time a new body was brought in.
It was tortuous, and so much like my uncle.”
Nicole Sobon, Deprogrammed