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The Holy Man The Holy Man by Susan Trott
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“Only you are yours.”
Susan Trott, The Holy Man
“Kim was, as always, utterly happy while running, in accord with nature, in harmony with the universe, in touch with the truth that was in him, full of love for all creatures even to the lowliest insect.”
Susan Trott, The Holy Man
“Nothing lasts. Everything changes. But the changes are the same. Winter will always turn to spring.”
Susan Trott, The Holy Man
“(Speaking about ponies engaging in a game of running around and chasing a ball with "imaginary riders")

Along with everything else about it, it seemed to be a parable for life. Going forwards and backwards and round in circles, striving ever forward only to have to run like crazy backwards to get the ball again, realizing that your enemy is after the same goal and you're actually helping him toward it and getting roughed up and possibly killed while you're at it but still feeling the comradeship of being in the game all together.”
Susan Trott, The Holy Man
“We are born, we suffer, we die. However, love is a possibility for us all and, for some few, there is also a big house."

Daniel could not resist asking, because he really wanted to know. "Need they be mutually exclusive? Can't we have both love and house?"

Joe smiled. "Certainly. But one must consider carefully how one goes about getting the house.”
Susan Trott, The Holy Man