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The Redeemer (Harry Hole, #6) The Redeemer by Jo Nesbø
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“Bjarne Møller, my former boss, says people like me always choose the line of most resistance. It's in what he calls our 'accursed nature'. That's why we always end up on our own. I don't know. I like being alone. Perhaps I have grown to like my self-image of being a loner, too....I think you have to find something about yourself that you like in order to survive. Some people say being alone is unsociable and selfish. But you're independent and you don't drag others down with you, if that's the way you're heading. Many people are afraid of being alone. But it made me feel strong, free and invulnerable.”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“Doubt is faith's shadow.”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“If you are unable to feel fear, you cannot be courageous.”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“Well, Espen, you're no drug addict, so why do you beg?"

"Because it's my mission to be mirror for mankind so that they can see which actions are great and which are small."

"And which are great?"

Espen sighed in despair, as though weary of repeating the obvious. "Charity. Sharing and helping your neighbor. The Bible deals with nothing else. In fact, you have to search extremely hard to find anything about sex before marriage, abortion, homosexuality, or a woman's right to speak in public. But, of course, it is easier for Pharisees to talk aloud about subordinate clauses than to describe and perform the great actions the Bible leaves us in no doubt about: You have to give half of what you own to someone who has nothing. Thousands of people are dying every day without hearing the words of God because these Christians will not let go of their earthly goods. I'm giving them a chance to reflect.”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“Doubt is faith’s shadow. If you are unable to doubt you can’t be a believer. It’s the same as with courage, Inspector. If you are unable to feel fear, you cannot be courageous.”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“Incomprehensible,” his colleagues tended to say when they discovered young people who had chosen to take their own lives. Harry assumed they said that to protect themselves, to reject the whole idea of it. If not, he didn’t understand what they meant by its being incomprehensible.”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“—Yo tengo problemas con una religión que dice que la fe en sí es el billete de entrada al cielo. Es decir, que se trata de tu capacidad para manipular tu propia sensatez con el objeto de que acepte algo que tu inteligencia rechaza. Es el mismo modelo de sumisión intelectual que han utilizado las dictaduras a lo largo de la historia, la idea de una sensatez superior a la que no se deben exigir pruebas.”
Jo Nesbø, El redentor
“a man does not become the leader of a flock through brute strength but through his ability to read situations correctly.”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“Harry thrust his hands deeper into his pockets. ‘My point is that you soon become lonely if you want to use your own brain to find answers.”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“È molto pulito qui" osservò Martine sfilandosi gli anfibi nell'ingresso.
"Non ho tante cose" disse Harry dalla cucina.
"Quali sono le sue preferite?"
Harry rifletté. "I dischi."
"Non gli album di fotografie?"
"Non credo nelle fotografie."
Martine entrò in cucina e si sedette su una delle sedie.
Harry osservò che aveva ripiegato le gambe sotto di sé come un gatto.
"Non ci crede?" disse. "In che senso?"
"Fanno perdere la capacità di dimenticare. Latte?"
Martine scosse il capo. "Però crede nei dischi."
"Sì. Mentono in un modo più vero."
"Ma non fanno perdere la capacità di dimenticare."
Harry si fermò mentre versava il caffè. Martine si mise di nuovo a ridere.
"Io invece non credo alla storia del commissario arrabbiato e deluso. Credo che in fondo lei sia un romantico, Hole."
"Andiamo in soggiorno" propose Harry. "Qualche giorno fa ho comprato un disco abbastanza bello. Non è ancora collegato a nessun ricordo.”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“It’s not a corner,’ Harry said without a hint of a slur. ‘It’s an angle. Corners are on the outside. You walk round a corner, you don’t sit in one.’ ‘What about the expression a corner table?’ ‘That’s not a table in a corner, but a table with corners. As in a corner sofa.”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“He considered what he should do with the rest of his life. And he considered whether you ever found out if you had made the right decisions while you were still alive. It”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“Un buen investigador olvida todas las ocasiones en las que le ha fallado la intuición, no recuerda las pistas en las que había confiado antes de darse cuenta de que lo habían desviado del objetivo. Y el que, con espíritu ingenuo y olvidadizo, volvía a empezar de cero con renovado entusiasmo.”
Jo Nesbø, El redentor
“Halvorsen remembered Harry had once said that what separates a good detective from a mediocre one is the ability to forget. A good detective forgets all the times his gut instinct lets him down, forgets all the leads he has believed in that led nowhere. And pitches in, naïve and forgetful again, with undiminished enthusiasm. The”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“There was only one thing emptier than having lived without love, and that was having lived without pain.”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
“case in California about a senator who—’ Harry”
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer
Jo Nesbø, The Redeemer

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