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Nobody Nobody by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
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“You can't tell me I matter and then leave like I don't.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nobody
“I am everything. I am nothing. I am powerful. I am forgotten.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nobody
“Do you know what I thought when you tried to kill me? The first time? I thought, How can somebody want me dead when no one knows I'm alive?
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nobody
“Nothing. You know what that feels like. Reach for it. Grab it. Make it yours.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nobody
“And then she was gone, disappearing into the nearby stacks like a rabbit taking to its hole, and he was left with a computer he didn’t know how to use, words he could barely read, and the knowledge that he wasn’t just a killer.
Most of the time, he was a pretty poor excuse for a person, too.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nobody
They told him he was killing monsters, and then they made him kill people. He thought it was just me who was different, and he didn’t go through with killing me. He thought there was a chance that it wasn’t too late. That everyone he’d killed really had been a dangerous Null. That he really was a hero, working in the shadows to make the world a better place for people who’d never even looked his way. That he wasn’t just an unimportant little boy raised like an animal and let out of the cage only when The Society wanted someone dead.
He wanted to believe that, and he just found out he was wrong.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nobody
“Oh God. I'm jealous of farts.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nobody
“Someone tried to kill me, and I’m going swimming. I’m going swimming, because it doesn’t matter. I’m going swimming, because I don’t matter. I’m going swimming, because that’s what Claires do. We swim and we daydream and we read and we wait for someone to care, and they never, ever, ever do.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nobody
“She wasn’t going to sit and wait. She was done waiting, because you could spend your whole life waiting for something to happen. Something big. You could wait and wait, and even if something big happened, even if it finally happened—it didn’t change anything.”
jennifer lynn barnes, Nobody
“Feeling like she really was just seven or eight, Claire sat down on the floor, books all around her, and she opened the last one she’d picked up. Even though it was dark, and even though her eyes couldn’t see the words, she knew them.

Knew the little prince’s story as well as her own.

She closed her eyes. She leaned her head forward against the book. And she sobbed.”
Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Nobody