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In Dreams (The Dream, #1) In Dreams by J. Sterling
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“I recognized you instantly. All of our lives flashed through my mind in a split second. I felt a pull so strongly towards you that I almost couldn't stop it.”
J. Sterling, In Dreams
“What she really craved was a connection. That feeling you got when you knew you were supposed to be with someone.”
J. Sterling, In Dreams
“I love the smell of the ice... And the cold. The sound the puck makes when it's sliding across the ice or when hits the net for a goal... as long as it's our goal. I love the sound of sticks crashing against one another. The sound my skates make when I come to a hard stop. The roar of the crowd. The way I feel when i'm playing. I can do things on this ice that I can't do anywhere else.”
J. Sterling, In Dreams