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Eternal Starling (Emblem of Eternity, #1) Eternal Starling by Angela Corbett
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“His eyes were warm as he gazed at me. “I would do anything for you, don’t ever forget that.” Emil moved closer, gently tucking the rose behind my ear. The floral scent perfumed every breath I took as Emil brushed his thumb lightly over my lips. “Evie, I lost you once, I won’t
lose you again. Even if it takes a thousand years to earn your trust and win you back, I’ll do it. You’re the only person in my life who matters.
You’re the only person who ever has. I love you. Emil”
Angela Corbett, Eternal Starling
“For me . . .” the words seemed difficult for Alex to find, “getting to stay with you, to spend more time with you . . . to love you the way
you should be loved, it’s all I live for.”
Angela Corbett, Eternal Starling
“ Alex moved closer to me, never taking his eyes from mine. “What if your eternity doesn’t start when you die?” he asked carefully. “What if your eternity has been going on since before you were born?”
I stared at him with a blank face, wondering what drugs he was on. ”
Angela Corbett, Eternal Starling
tags: humor
“Emil on top of me, his breath heavy on my neck. As our eyes met and held, the playfulness turned into something else entirely, something with a lot more heat. Emil leaned in, barely brushing his lips against my own he whispered, “We were good at this then too.”
As his soft lips met mine, my entire body felt molten—liquid and hot, moving seamlessly with his.”
Angela Corbett, Eternal Starling
tags: hot, sexy
“You said I told you I was in love with someone else, but I’m not. That’s not what I meant. Cassandra was a part of my past, but our time together ended. The only person I want, the only person I love, is you.”
Angela Corbett, Eternal Starling
“There are things you haven’t thought of in centuries.”
I waited for the joke, then realized he was serious. Apparently our break up had turned him into a raving lunatic. I should probably be flattered. “Really Alex, you don’t have to act like an immature kid. It’s fine if you want to see me again, but next time, just say so instead of making up asinine stories.”
Angela Corbett, Eternal Starling
“Emil stood on the other side, bags under his
eyes, his hair disheveled. I’d never seen him look so
unkempt. He actually seemed depressed. I motioned
for him to come in. When he did, I shut the door and
he followed me to the couches.”
Angela Corbett, Eternal Starling
“Did you have a good nap?" Emil asked.

"Yeah, I guess I was tired. I need to practice resting when I go on vacations instead of getting stressed out."

"Why are you stressed?" Emil Asked, perplexed. This question confirmed it for me, guys really are idiots.”
Angela Corbett, Eternal Starling
tags: humor
“Love is the emblem of eternity. It confounds all notion of time, effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end. ~ Madame de Staël”
Angela Corbett, Eternal Starling
“When we find her, I'm still going to fight for her.-Emil-”
Angela Corbett, Eternal Starling