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River Cast (The Tale of Lunarmorte, #2) River Cast by Samantha Young
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“courage was not the absence of fear, but the ability to walk into unknown territory despite it.”
Samantha Young, River Cast
“Hindsight sucked. In fact hindsight should be assassinated.”
Samantha Young, River Cast
“Of how I belong to you?” Her voice went up an octave.
“Well, forget about the verbal arm wrestling! Why don’t you just pee on me and everything I own?!”
Samantha Young, River Cast
“No. Caia’s heart thumped angrily. They were not going to treat Lucien like some C-list recruit, whilst they pandered to her, just because they wanted something from her. And she needed Lucien close by. This was all so weird, so fast; she needed his strength beside her.
“Yeah, well, while you’re at it, ask Madam to arrange a guest suite for Lucien in close location to mine.”
He frowned. “Together you mean?”
Caia flushed. “No, not together. Next to one another.”
Lucien was beginning to look seriously, uncomfortably, pissed off. “Caia you don’t-”
“It’s not for you, it’s for me, so swallow it or choke on it.”
Samantha Young, River Cast
“What?” Ryder huffed. “Come on that was funny! That was comic gold right there.”
She shrugged, enjoying teasing him. “It was OK. Kind of elementary.”
“Elementary? It’s an effing joke.”
His groan could probably be heard for five miles. “Aw this is going to be a looong drive home.”
Samantha Young, River Cast

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