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Last Seen Leaving Last Seen Leaving by Kelly Braffet
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“Did you blame the men who fired the guns, the men who built the guns, or the men who invented the guys? Did you blame the men who had put those particular guns in the hands attached to those particular trigger fingers? When Nick's plane crashed into the ocean off Honduras at a speed which turned the ocean to unyielding stone, was it Western Mountain's fault, for sending him out?Nick's, for going? Anne's, for letting him? Did you blame the human beings who had made such a world possible, or the world that had made such human beings possible?
The answer, she thought, lying now in her missing daughter's bed (Was it Miranda, for pushing a limit any time she saw one? Anne again, for uprooting her so callously, for failing in some way to adequately console her after her father's death?), was that you had two choices: you could blame everybody, or you could blame nobody.”
Kelly Braffet, Last Seen Leaving
“The problem with hope, Anne finds through the years, is that it gets your hopes up. But hopelessness is worse.”
Kelly Braffet, Last Seen Leaving
“Miranda rolls her eyes. "Passing over," she says. "That's nice. Is that anything like kicking the bucket? Keeling over, taking a dirt nap, biting the big one?”
Kelly Braffet, Last Seen Leaving
“All he would say was that sometimes you have to burn it down and start over.”
Kelly Braffet, Last Seen Leaving
“Death, Randa thought, elevated people.”
Kelly Braffet, Last Seen Leaving