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Reading between the Wines Reading between the Wines by Terry Theise
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“Blind tasting as such is hardly a skill that will be put to use in a wine career, unless you plan to make a living playing parlor games with wine. Importer and author Kermit Lynch said it best 'blind tastings are to wine what strip poker is to love.”
Terry Theise, Reading between the Wines
“Being a Mosel vintner signifies membership in a human culture much deeper than occupation. This is true of every vintner great, good, or poor. This may seem abstruse to the 'consumer' but there are many ways to consume and many things to be consumed in a glass of wine. You can see it merely as an object and assess it against it's competitors using some arbitrary scale. Or you can drink something that tells you it was made by human beings who want to show you the beauty and meaning they have found in their lives. You decide.”
Terry Theise, Reading between the Wines