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So Much to Tell You (So Much to Tell You, #1) So Much to Tell You by John Marsden
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“I feel like I'm dropping such a long way down again." "I seem to be dropping into a cold dark wet place, where no one's been before and noone can every follow. There's no future there; just a past that sometimes fools you into thinking it's the future. It's the most alone place you can ever be and, when you go there, you not only cease to exist in real life, you also cease to exist in their consciousness and in their memories.”
John Marsden, So Much to Tell You
“Pale as ice you passed me by;
I wondered what you really felt,
And waited through the changing times,
To see if you would one day melt.

I thought that ice would melt with warmth,
But there were thing I did not know:
The sun can touch the outer layers
But does not reach the deepest snow.

Winter sometimes seems like years,
Summer's sometimes far away,
But winter always turns to summer,
As surely as does night to day.”
John Marsden, So Much to Tell You
“If you added up all the really significant episodes in your life they'd probably come to less than sixty minutes.”
John Marsden, So Much to Tell You
“I wonder if they realize how much I notice about them They probably haven't a clue because I never look at them or show the slightest interest. But I'm very aware of everything. I remember seeing an old film once where a father says to his son: "Son when your mouth's open you're not learning anything." If that's true then I'm well on the way to becoming the world's wisest woman.”
John Marsden, So Much to Tell You
“I make people uncomfortable. The kind ones get angry because their kindness doesn't work. The unkind ones get angry because they think I'm attacking them.”
John Marsden, So Much to Tell You
“It's funny about a face, how big a difference it makes. I mean, one day you look in th mirror and you think, yeah, that's me, that's my face. And then another think, that's not me, that's not my face. So am I my face? I mean is that all I am?”
John Marsden, So Much to Tell You
“Mr. Lindell's English classes are meant to make you think I guess about yourself and people and everything. Some of the kids say it's pretty weird but they're more honest in English than they are anywhere else and they say more about what they feel...Everything that's said in English etches itself clearly and sharply in my mind like letters carved neatly into deep frost. But I never let them see how eagerly I listen.”
John Marsden, So Much to Tell You
“Wer diese Worte liest - was für ein Bild bekommt er von mir? […] Kein hübsches Bild. Die Worte lügen also, in gewisser Hinsicht jedenfalls. Wie immer.”
John Marsden, So Much to Tell You
“We’re all so curiously alone, but it’s important to keep making signals through the glass”
John Marsden, So Much to Tell You
“I’ve succeeded, I guess, but sometimes maybe to succeed is to fail”
John Marsden, So Much to Tell You
“How strange it would now — like speaking without a voice. Is that what music is then, a ventriloquist with his doll ?”
John Marsden, So Much to Tell You
“I’ve heard enough about what you want to do; now tell me what needs doing”
John Marsden, So Much to Tell You

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