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Coming and Crying Coming and Crying by Melissa Gira Grant
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“I am coming. I can’t be coming. I’m fighting it, and that’s making it worse. I am trying to fake not having an orgasm. I wonder if he can tell…

I feel a little sick to my stomach when I realize exactly what sensation has brought me to this unfortunate climax: the friction of a very fat man’s matted belly hair on my clit. This man I am on top of is the most repulsive person I’ve ever allowed to touch me. Sheer physics won’t allow him to be on top of me. In fact, I am not entirely sure how it is that he will get back up from his supine position.

This man is my john. This orgasm and the wave of revulsion that follows quickly on its heels and makes my skin turn cold makes him my last client in my short career as an escort.”
Audacia Ray, Coming and Crying
“And when a futurist dies, the tragedy is that we lose access to all the possible futures they imagined for us. Our only connection, afterward, is through the arcane procedure like literary interpretation, like reading the flight of birds or throwing the I Ching, as Ballard must have as a child in Shanghai. Like it or not, we live in one of Ballard’s futures; a little apocalyptic, bent by technology.”
William Ball, Coming and Crying
“It was in his office, though, where he told me he’d never had anal sex. His cock was very large, but anal was so trendy and ubiquitous that I thought it impossible that there was anyone left in America who hadn’t tried it.”
Charlotte Shane, Coming and Crying