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Heart of Stone (Negotiator Trilogy/Old Races Universe #1) Heart of Stone by C.E. Murphy
4,005 ratings, 3.70 average rating, 284 reviews
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“They're constants, aren't they?" ... "Books are. That's why we like them so much. They seem immutable. They're not, of course. Not from the author's first draft to the tenth printing, but they seem like it.”
C.E. Murphy, Heart of Stone
“I’m a lawyer. I meet people every day who are on the surface considerably worse than you are. You, Janx, Alban, you’re really all so…normal. You can do stuff I can’t, but so can Michael Jordan.” Dismay hit her palpably enough to make her want to step back, though she held her ground even as she
groaned. “Please don’t tell me he’s one of you.”
Daisani’s shoulders rose and fell, a single admission of silent laughter. “I believe Mr. Jordan is as human as you are, Miss Knight.”
C.E. Murphy, Heart of Stone
“Alban’s eyes widened, palpable shock rolling off him. “Daisani’s assistant? That Vanessa Gray?”
“That one.”
Alban whistled, a long high sound of wind howling through stone, and Margrit looked at him in surprise. “You can whistle?”
His eyebrows wrinkled. “Can’t you?”
“Of course, but it’s so frivolous. You’re sort of stolid. I wouldn’t have thought whistling was in a gargoyle’s nature.”
Alban chuckled. “I don’t do it often.”
C.E. Murphy, Heart of Stone
“A clean desk is a sign of a cluttered mind.”
C.E. Murphy, Heart of Stone

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