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High Rhulain (Redwall, #18) High Rhulain by Brian Jacques
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“Any weapon is a good weapon as long as ye can use it with honor and skill.”
Brian Jacques, High Rhulain
“There are many places a spirit may rest
when life's long march has ended.
Every creature returns to its home
exactly as nature intended.
The cowards and traitors, the liars and cheats,
each in their turn is awarded,
someplace that they deserved to go,
as their actions in life accorded.
Those who proved untrue to their friends
lie thick in the dust of the earth,
trodden on forever by all
to show what treachery's worth.
In the mud of swamps, in rotting weeds,
they lie imprisoned by evil misdeeds.
But the warriors true, the brave of heart,
who valiantly upheld the right,
they are raised on high, to the velvet sky,
bringing light to the darkness of night.
They'll stand there as long as the sky will,
their honor in brightness will glow,
a lesson to see, for eternity,
of where the real warriors go!
So ere my eyelids close in sleep,
these are the words I will say,
May I have the courage and faithfulness
that my spirit should join them one day.”
Brian Jacques, High Rhulain

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