March 13

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February 13

Added a quote by Austin Chadwell
"God is apprehended and known not so much through study and understanding, as by love and interior communion with Him. Love itself is knowledge, say the masters of the spiritual life. He who has not sought God in his heart, will not come to know Him through books. Further, the more one dies to himself by detachment from sin and all creatures, the more will he love and know God, since God will manifest Himself to a holy heart free from every sin"Austin Chadwell
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Jeff Miller
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January 30

Added a quote by Marc Foley
"0 Lord! What a great favor You grant to those children whose parents love them so much as to want them to possess their estates, inheritance, and riches in that blessed life that has no end! It is a great pity the world is now so unfortunate and blind that it seems to parents their honor lies in not letting the dung of this world's goods be forgotten and in not remembering that sooner or later these things will come to an end. And everything that has limits, even though it lasts a while, will eventually come to an end; and little importance should be given to it. Such parents want to sustain their own vanities at a cost to their children, and very boldly take from God souls
that He wants for Himself. And they take from these souls a good so great (God inviting them to be His guest) that, even were the good not to last forever, it would still be extraordinary to see oneself freed from the tiresomeness of the world and its laws; and the more goods people possess, the greater the tedium. Open the eyes of parents, my God."
Marc Foley