September 09

The Snow Leopard Project by Alex Dehgan
read in September, 2019
A deep and cerebral memoir, The Snow Leopard Project reveals the unique mixture of foreign policy, cooperation between agencies and NGOs, and a variety of front-line field work required for large conservation projects. The familiar yet startlingly di ...more

September 06

PoachingFacts is now following Alex Dehgan

September 01

Wild Animals in Captivity by Rob Laidlaw
rated a book it was amazing Wild Animals in Captivity by Rob Laidlaw
recommended for: pre-teens, older children, parents with children
read in September, 2019
Wild Animals in Captivity is a very insightful book encouraging older children, perhaps pre-teens, to learn about and consider the circumstances of the captive wildlife that westerners see in zoos, aquariums, circuses, and roadside attractions. Alt ...more