December 21, 2021

Vampire Flower Language by Angela Castir
rated a book really liked it Vampire Flower Language by Angela Castir
read in December, 2021
The problem with most romance stories is that the plot tends to revolve around a conflict that the characters see as big, but that the reader sees as small. This is because romance authors want there to be tension with the characters not being able t ...more

December 15, 2021

OCTO by Z. Albert Bell
rated a book really liked it OCTO by Z. Albert Bell
read in December, 2021
While definitely not perfect, let me go ahead and recommend that you not google this story and just start reading blindly. Much of the value in this rationalist sci-fi horror story comes from not knowing what will happen next, so if you consider a 4 ...more

August 30, 2021

Worth the Candle by cthulhuraejepsen
rated a book it was amazing Worth the Candle by cthulhuraejepsen
read in August, 2021
Writing reviews can be quite difficult. I serve three masters: the friend or stranger looking up this review on GoodReads to see if they should read this massive book; the googler who finds this entry on my blog because they want to read more about t ...more

June 24, 2021

Eric Herboso made a comment on his review of NOT A BOOK
" Jeremy wrote: "“some characters seem to be sexist and homophobic for no real reason”…. You mean, just like people in the real world? Imagine that."

...more "

March 17, 2021

Two Arms and a Head by Clayton Atreus
read in March, 2021
Two days ago, I held Jasper in my arms as he died. My grief at his sudden death has overwhelmed me, and I've struggled to find ways to deal with it.

My latest method, apparently, has been to read this book-length suicide note by Clayton Atreus. I woul

February 10, 2021

Ibyabek by Hannah Blume
rated a book it was amazing Ibyabek by Hannah Blume
read in February, 2021
There's a rich history of good science fiction that takes contemporary political issues and gives them the trappings of a science fiction setting. It can be helpful for readers to see real-world events reflected in sci-fi, to better understand and id ...more

December 23, 2020

rated a book it was amazing CORDYCEPS: Too clever for their own good by BenedictSC

December 06, 2020

The Rise and Fall of the Dark Lord Sassaflash by Dromicosuchus
read in December, 2020
In the world of My Little Pony, the Dark Lord Sassaflash is a necromancer with ambition. But to accomplish her great tasks, she needs not only her apprentice, Sweetie Belle, but also a dedicated (not too intelligent) minion who can do her bidding. Bu ...more