April 12

Cory Doctorow – Little Brother – For your reading pleasure

This was up for a Best Novel in the Hugo awards and if I’d been eligible to vote that year I’d certainly have voted for it. Yes, it’s aimed at YA, but Read more of this blog post »

March 25

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The Lord of Stariel by A.J. Lancaster The Lord of Stariel (Stariel, #1) by A.J. Lancaster (Goodreads Author)
The Leopard Unleashed by Elizabeth Chadwick
rated a book liked it The Leopard Unleashed (Ravenstow Trilogy #3) by Elizabeth Chadwick (Goodreads Author)
read in March, 2021
This is the third on the Wild Hunt trilogy (which actually has a prequel to make it a trilogy of four books. Prequel: The Coming of the Wolf - Lady Christen and Miles Le Gallois. 1. The Wild Hunt - Guyon son of Miles, and Judith of Ravenstow. 2. The ...more