June 03

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Nexus Point by K. Pimpinella Nexus Point by K. Pimpinella (Goodreads Author)
Shipping Container Homes Guide For Beginners by Dominic Mayers
read in June, 2023
A good technical overview

I picked this book from Kindle Unlimited just because I was curious about this stuff, not because I intend to build a house or anything, and I ended up reading all of it, it was very interesting and well explained. It has bea

June 02

The Name of the Shadow by Mars G. Everson
"A very interesting read, and one that certainly kept me guessing until the end. I’ll try not to give anything away in this review, but that is a bit of a challenge, because I feel like the tone of the book changes so much as it went.
I really liked th" Read more of this review »