September 27

Butterfly Stomp by Michael Warren Lucas
rated a book it was amazing Butterfly Stomp (Beaks Book 0) by Michael Warren Lucas
read in September, 2022
This is a short novella that is essentially the beginning chapters of the novel Butterfly Stomp Waltz, but it is a complete story so you shouldn't be put off by that. It is an introduction to a series that Lucas has written involving a heroine who is ...more
A History of Web Comics, V 1.0 by T. Campbell This does exactly what the title says it does: it covers the history of Webcomics from 1993-2005. Now, that is a pretty specialized topic, I will grant, but as it happens I like Webcomics and have a group of them I read every day, and I was intereste ...more
Treacherous Moon by Stephen Goldin
rated a book it was ok Treacherous Moon (Agents of ISIS,#2) by Stephen Goldin (Goodreads Author)
This is the second book in the series, and once again it pretty closely follows the original from the previous Family D'Alembert series (see my review of Tsar Wars for the details on that). Suffice it to say, this is a pleasant enough romp, but I did ...more