August 20

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Life in the Atmosphereby¬†Anthony WilsonGenre: YA Urban FantasyRelease Date: January 19th 2018Summary from Goodreads:Jahlil Adams i... Read more of this blog post »

June 19

The Staircase of Fire by Ben Woodard
rated a book it was amazing The Staircase of Fire (Shakertown Adventure #3) by Ben Woodard (Goodreads Author)
The Staircase of Fire is an absorbing mystery with intriguing characters and a captivating plot.

Tom and Helen witness a horrific crime, but know that if they go to the sheriff they will be endangering their lives and also the lives of anyone close to

June 05

The Secrets to Ruling School by Neil Swaab
rated a book it was amazing The Secrets to Ruling School: Book Two: Class Election by Neil Swaab (Goodreads Author)
Class Election (The Secrets to Ruling the School) is a humorous middle grade story that will have readers laughing all the way to the voting booth.

William H. Taft Middle School is holding elections for class president and you're one of the candidates