May 28

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May 27

Joy by Yasmeen Ismail
rated a book it was amazing Joy by Yasmeen Ismail
A little kitten celebrates her love for life by bouncing, scampering, chasing her ball of yarn, racing around and exhibiting joy in her journey. She is full of life and is a little bundle of furry energy. This delightful rhyming book is full of movem ...more

May 25

Hug? by Charlene Chua
rated a book it was amazing Hug? by Charlene Chua (Goodreads Author)
To hug or not to hug that is the question? A compassionate little girl takes pity on her beloved kitty when it hacks up a hairball. She asks if he would like a hug? He, feeling ill, consents. When she cuddles him in a big hug her dog takes note and a ...more