March 21

Tessa Stockton wrote a new blog post: My Sparrow, I Love You

My Sparrow, I Love You

Your wilderness journey led you straight through a desert, taking years to cross. Your provisions dwindled; toes worn down to nubs. Bone-dry thirsty Read more of this blog post »

March 15

With love by Kevin Paul Bridges
read in March, 2023
Communication of God’s message that is strong, vivid, and full of truth can have a delivery that looks a lot of different ways. The gifts of the Spirit are variedly special and purposeful. It's not about us, but about God’s love expressed through us ...more

March 13

Once Again to Zelda by Marlene Wagman-Geller
read in March, 2023
Very interesting to learn about what’s behind dedications of renowned novels we’ve read. Some of the backstories are as angsty as daytime soap operas; I mean, wow. This is a great premise for a book, and the way the author presented her research kept ...more