September 27

Gabriele Goldstone wrote a new blog post: Another Mystery

Another Mystery

Growing up without grandparents has only increased my need to know who they were. While I've sort of figured out my mom's side of the family and how Read more of this blog post »

September 25

Frantumaglia by Elena Ferrante
read in September, 2020
I got some insights, but in general, I found it rather repetitive and only finished 80%. (Due back at library.) Like she prefers, I think her novels offer more insights into the author and her craft.
Fragments by Elena Ferrante
"Pithy articulations of an author's need for anonymity. Fragments is, literally, fragments from published interviews and responses to readers. With that said, I find Elana's writing stylistically elegant, captivating, moving, smoldering with passion a" Read more of this review ยป