September 21

Pastoral Grit by Craig Brian Larson
read in August, 2017
I found this book providentially on vacation, and it was a perfect quick read for a fatigued pastor.

No deep theological insights here, but a relief that I’m not the only pastor who has problems
- indexing my worth to the congregation’s size
- falling i
Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers of the Christian Church - Seco... by Philip Schaff
read in July, 2017
Ephraim was a major figure in the Syrian church in the 300s. Hymns on the siege of a city, on the nativity and epiphany of Christ, and homilies on Christ and repentance are all included in the Post-Nicene Fathers set.

These are not so much for the ord

May 31

When in the Course of Human Events by Charles Adams
read in March, 2017
When in the Course of Human Events – Charles Adams

Every now and then I’ll pick up a pro-Confederate book and sample the argument one more time.
As a northerner by birth now living in the South, I try to understand the strong sentiment that the South w