July 05

Added a quote by William J. Mann
"He wanted to feel as if he were—to play on his famous line from On the Waterfront—a “contender,” someone who mattered, someone who had fought the good fight. He wanted to feel as if he had made a difference, left a mark, and not just on acting. What he did not want to be was an “unthinker,” the way he described those people who never examined themselves or their place in the world."William J. Mann

July 03

Added a quote by William J. Mann
"An artist is, of course, entitled to make money, and Brando didn’t claim otherwise. What he struggled with was the conflation of art and commerce, a phenomenon he first observed in the 1960s and watched mushroom beyond all expectation into the twenty-first century. “I don’t know if there are any artists left now,” he said. “They are so degraded and so confused by the mercantile mind."William J. Mann