August 27

Stacey and 16 other people liked Chloe's review of Dies the Fire (Emberverse, #1):
Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling
"Masturbatory fantasy for older white men who feel smug in their own sense of superiority. In which real rugged man's men persevere at the fall of civilization to build a new world in the ashes of the old. Lots of "we need only one leader, not a co..." Read more of this review »
Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling
"Uk! I didn't like this book and didn't find it believable at all. Maybe it's because I live in Portland, but I gave up after the scene where the bad guy takes over the public library and makes it his palace complete with willing nubile slave girls..." Read more of this review »

March 31

Stacey made a comment on her review of American Gods
" Fiona wrote: "I notice you have Crisis of Conscience on your list. One of the great books that set me free many years ago."

Yes, that book was life cha
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