May 29

David is 25% done with The Liminal Zone
The Liminal Zone
The Liminal Zone
by Richard Abbott (Goodreads Author)

May 28

Beneath Ceaseless Skies Issue #253 by Scott H. Andrews
"I had read "A Story of Woe" and wrote a beautiful little piece, including quotes, for a very creative story. I don't know where the review is. This is where the new one will be: https://clsiewert.wordpress.com/2020/...

“Wikipedia.com defines a librari" Read more of this review »
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" I wonder if it's a cultural difference or if the times have changed. Bookstores (indie as well as chains) in the US (last I checked) turn their noses ...more "
"Kindle Cover – The Liminal Zone In something of a departure, I used IngramSpark (IS) as my print-on-demand supplier for The Liminal Zone, rather than Amazon’s CreateSpace (CS), which I used for my previous novels. This was largely at the sugge..." Read more of this blog post »

May 27

David and 2 other people liked Steve Anderson's blog post: New Cover for The Losing Role: A Novel
"I’m excited to announce a great new cover for the ebook and print versions of my novel The Losing Role: A Novel: The first release in my Kaspar Brothers series, The Losing Role tells the story of a struggling German actor, Max Kaspar, wh..." Read more of this blog post »
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" Well, I've read the first four Ringworld novels (forgot there was a 5th and final book) and two that he wrote with Pournelle (Lucifer's Hammer and Foo ...more "
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" Nicely reviewed! I see you went high :D

Thank you, Carol! Yeah. I figured, when in doubt about a story with a snarky, introverted killing machine, roun
...more "

May 23

Rogue Protocol by Martha Wells
rated a book it was amazing Rogue Protocol (The Murderbot Diaries, #3) by Martha Wells (Goodreads Author)
read in May, 2020
Murderbot learns from the newsfeeds that the case against the nefarious GrayCris Corporation is floundering. It decides to help out Dr. Mensah from afar by digging up more dirt on GrayCris at an abandoned terraforming project. Once there, it encounte ...more
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May 19

David is 75% done with Rogue Protocol
Rogue Protocol
Rogue Protocol (The Murderbot Diaries, #3)
by Martha Wells (Goodreads Author)