May 05

David and 93 other people liked carol. 's review of The Angel of Khan el-Khalili:
The Angel of Khan el-Khalili by P. Djèlí Clark
""She studies you for a moment, then replies: 'Many claim to seek my wisdom. But in truth, it is my favors they hope to attain.' Her tone is not harsh or even scolding. Still, you feel your face heat up again. It is not a comfortable thing to hear tha" Read more of this review »
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William is 65% done with Persepolis Rising: “Great. So, look. This could have gone better. We kicked your ass and you’re pissed now, I get that. If you want to be part of the revolution, great, we’d love to have you. But you run all your ops through Saba’s group. That’s nonnegotiable. Anything else, and we’re killing you and hiding your bodies in the fertilizer-recycling system.”

Bobbie and Amos, the negotiators. :)

May 04

David is 65% done with The Wrong Stars
The Wrong Stars

May 03

David and 50 other people liked mark monday's review of Daughters of Apostasy:
Daughters of Apostasy by Damian Murphy
" gorgon_(2)

"The Scourge and the Sanctuary" - an occultist breaks into an empty penthouse and finds that it is not empty and that you cannot trespass into a place that is your own home. This luxurious little story served as a reminder to me of the themes tha" Read more of this review »

May 02

Taboo by Wilfred Reilly
"At the start:

I thought I'd challenge my progressive sensibilities by reading a book from The Other Side, so to speak. I have a lot of admiration for the current group of Black contrarians who go against the liberal grain. Maybe not so much because I " Read more of this review »

April 26

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" I recall reading an excerpt of this somewhere. It retained Watts' bleakness and big ideas, but the writing was more accessible. And the protagonist se ...more "

April 23

18490708. sx50
" If it wasn't for my co-readers of Blindsight encouraging ourselves onward, this would have been a solid DNF.

Thanks for taking one for the team.
...more "

April 21

Liberated by Steve  Anderson
rated a book liked it Liberated: A Novel of Germany, 1945 (Kaspar Brothers #2) by Steve Anderson (Goodreads Author)
read in April, 2021
3.5 stars

In the early days of post-war Germany, Captain Harry Kaspar has been assigned by the US military government to oversee recovery efforts in the town of Heimgau. Unfortunately, the post is already occupied by Major Membre. It seems that the of