March 21, 2012

Supervillain by Ras Ashcroft
rated a book it was ok Supervillain: The Concise Guide by Ras Ashcroft
No. What PJ Jones got so very, very right with his Vampire Handbook, Ashcroft simply slaughters with this one.

The cover nearly stopped this book from being downloaded, and that may have been a really good instinct. What is inside is just as poorly cr
An Apple Pie for a Duke by Ruby Royce
rated a book it was ok An Apple Pie for a Duke by Ruby Royce
The blurb promises humor, but this one didn't work. Most of the attempts at laughs fell short or felt very forced. There was an overall sense of trying too hard.

Funny needs to happen naturally, feel smooth. This didn't. It felt like it was written b
Out of Time by Monique Martin
rated a book it was ok Out of Time (Out of Time, #1) by Monique Martin (Goodreads Author)
This was very typical time-travel romance, but the relationship lacked development, and the pace was nearly a crawl. Plausibility issues, serious timing and over-indulgence problems with the earlier blocks of plot, and a failure to develop the story ...more